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TransPARENTcy's Journal
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Thursday, February 1st, 2007
6:47 pm

If you are a parent and this story does not alarm you....
It does me.

4. California - no spanking bill expected to pass?!
Submitted by: Diane Booth, <childrescuer@hotmail.com>

Send this columnist a thank you note for his article in the Orange
County Register! - Diane

STEVEN GREENHUT <greenhut@ocregister.com>
Sr. Editorial Writer and Columnist, The Orange County Registers

If one were to devise legislation that could be termed "totalitarian,"
it would almost certainly include these elements:

1. The authorities would be granted extreme power to police what goes
on within the privacy of a person's home.

2. Citizens would be encouraged to snitch on one another to the state.

3. Officials would have wide latitude to take children from their
parents and put them under the control of the government.

4. Offenders could be forced into re-education classes.

With these elements in mind, consider a proposal from Assemblywoman
Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, that would outlaw spanking and other
forms of corporal punishment. This legislation has generated a good
bit of heated discussion on television nationwide, but most of it has
been of the "there go those kooky Californians again" variety.

Yet there is nothing even mildly amusing about this proposal, even
though it has been reported that Lieber thought of the idea after
realizing that she has never spanked her cat. "If you never hit a cat,
you should never hit a child," she said. Of course, one typically
doesn't find oneself trying to control a temper-tantrum-throwing
calico or Siamese in the middle of Sam's Club.

And it's hard to believe that, say, mildly swatting a child on the
behind if that child is about to run out into traffic is the
equivalent of child abuse. Lieber presumably has never had a
conversation with an agitated 2-year-old, and therefore is unaware
that little tikes often behave in uncontrollable ways.

I don't advocate spanking as a rule, but it seems rather harsh to rip
a child out of a happy home and put him in some nightmare foster-care
scenario and put a parent in jail for doing something that has been
widely practiced through the history of parenting. I saw Lieber on TV,
and she refused to make any distinctions between actual abuse �
already a serious crime that should warrant punishment �and the
slightest spanking. There can be no distinctions. In her strange,
zealot's world, it's all abuse, and she will use the full force of the
state to stop it. Lieber hasn't introduced the bill yet, so all the
details aren't known. But this much is clear: It would ban the use of
corporal punishment in private homes. It would apply only to toddlers
and infants (so you're still safe spanking your adult lover in that
mirrored bedroom). The bill could imprison for a year those convicted
of spanking or of using other means to inflict pain as a form of
discipline (ear-pulling, pinching, etc.) and impose a $1,000 fine.

Lieber's office sent along a statement offering this rationale: "The
U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child through its Committee on
the Rights of the Child has called on all member states to ban
corporal punishment and institute education programs on positive
discipline. ... The author [of a U.N. report]... says that calling for
an end to all corporal punishment is challenging, but 'children's
rights to life, survival, development, dignity and physical integrity
do not stop at the door of the family home.'"

Most U.N. member states don't have a constitution designed to protect
individual liberties or restrict the authorities at the doorstep of
private homes. It's a little creepy to base a law so directly on
something from the United Nations rather than from American traditions
of justice....

Lieber also said in news reports that she hopes the law will lead to
people coming up to strangers spanking their kids in public places and
saying, "That's against the law in California." The Sacramento County
sheriff told the Bee such encounters could be dangerous. So the author
is advocating that people go up to each other and correct their
behavior, or, presumably, call the authorities to do it for them.

... Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, the Irvine Republican who has taken a
leading role in opposing the bill, thinks Lieber probably has enough
votes for passage, given the Democratic dominance in the
Legislature. The governor has sounded a supportive note on the intent
of the bill, although he did mention a potential problem with how it
might be enforced. Given how far to the left he has drifted, it's a
good guess that he might ultimately sign it.

Have Californians reached the point where they are willing to let the
state intervene this deeply into their family lives? If the answer is
yes, then we at least ought to dispense with the fiction that we live
in a relatively free society.
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
2:39 pm

This is how I feel because I realize that my daughter has turned her back on me and my soon to be Ex has done everything to screw me over and instill a deep resentment in the heart of my daughter towards me.

I tried to send a gift to my daughter this Christmas, however the message was that I was limited to only using my wife's sleezy attorney as the conduit. I am not allowed to know the address for my daughter.

When they moved out they did it without telling me and it was done so that there was nothing left that would show that they ever lived there. No pictures or anything we purchased together. They even took the picture of the dog they kept. So there is a gulf.

I don't think my daughter even knows about the GD issue. She just thinks I am menatally unstable. You see I have Multiple Sclerosis and I was under strict orders from my wife to never tell our daughter of the disease. So when MS was ugly.... I was called insane by wifey... and daughter joined in the game of calling me names. CAN WE SAY ABUSE?????

This has been my sorry tale of trying to live with issues of my gender and a nasty disease. I wonder what my daughter will ever say when she tires of the crap from her mother?

I can only say that time should heal.


Current Mood: crappy
Monday, January 15th, 2007
11:03 pm
Something My Daughter Asked
Last week my 11 year old girl asked through her tears...why did you have to transform daddy...why did you have to go on TV and be in the newspaper and make my mom all mad. It took me till last night before I had a clear answer that I could give her that she might be able to understand. 

I needed to martyr myself for the cause...I needed to make this transition public for everyone that comes behind me...for every woman that has to look at her wife one day and say...I can't live a lie anymore...I need to change genders...that those women's children...I had to do this for them, so that maybe, just maybe thier kids won''t have to be picked on, so that thier wife will be able to say..."ok, that sort of thing happens"...I had to do this publicly so that man won't lose the children he gave birth to because his parent's are pissed that he changed thier daughter into himself. Because the more people that do what I did...that stand up and face the world and say "I'm not going to take this anymore, I'm not gonna sit back and let you keep me in this incorrect gender box for the rest of my life". Because if more people had the guts to face the world and say "being transsexual doesn't make me a freak" it would become more commonplace and it would be less impacting on the lives of those effected.  Because if this community of transfolk had started standing up to the world 30 years ago, maybe my kids wouldn't have had to endoure the bullshit that thier egg-donar puts them through because of me.

I don't want anyone else's children to have to endure what mine has, or my buddy's two boys have, or what countless other children have to face when one of thier parents can no longer live with the incongruency of having a gender that doesn't match the body outside. I wouldn't change who I am for anything. But gawd it would have been great for this NOT to be a huge deal...It would have been nice if our world replied..."oh you want to change your body to match your internal sence of gender...no problem...step right up sister...lets make this happen for you, It happens all the time. We can schedule that surgery right away."

Why does this have to be so suspect? Why does this have to be stigmatized? Why does it have to be so awkward to tell the people that raised us that our body doesn't feel right and we'd like to fix it? Why can't more people stand up for ourselves? I don't think It has to be this way. If we start to eduacte people and stick our neck out just a bit. We can all make a difference for our children and thier children.
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
4:34 pm
Welcome to My new LJ Community
As a Transsexual Woman in modern America and from my involvement in the Transgender community I have noticed tht there are countless folk like myself that are parents. I understand that there are many within the trans community that wish to become parents at some after or even durring transition.

Parenting is difficult and when you mix it with being trangender/transexual it becomes even more difficult with very unique concerns.

Just as there are no manauals for raising a child, there are no manuals for how to be a parent. Transparents face unique struggles and legal issues. Lets stand together and give each other support when fighting for our rights as parents and helping our children to grow up as healthy, well adjusted, humans.

Feel free to post questions, comments, advice, pleas for help, links to legal resources, links to legislation that is pertinant to our parenting, articles that offer tips, socialization epifanies...anything that might help all of us become better parents and raise a genration of fair open minded kids.

Feel free to join...I hope that you will and I hope that you will also promote it on your journal and apropriate other communities.

Thank you

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